Day 328, 25th July: Ezekiel, 1 Peter and Proverbs

Not Forgotten
By Silvia Cooper, Soul Survivor:Called to Lead

Todays Readings Are:
Ezekiel 45:1-46:24
1 Peter 3:1-22
Proverbs 28:18-28

As you may have noticed, today’s reading goes into a lot of detail about divisions of the land and what offerings are to be given by whom on which days of the year. As I was reading through these chapters two things struck me.

The first is how grateful I am that we no longer have to follow everything that is outlined there. We do not have to go to the temple with our sacrifice to be purified and declared holy. Instead we can go straight to Jesus, wherever we are, whatever day of the week it is to receive our forgiveness.

The second thing that I realised was actually how much detail is given in this passage. It appears that God does not allow even one small point to escape his attention! God is interested in details!! I find this very refreshing and reassuring. And since we are told that God does not change (Hebrews 13:8) all of this must mean that God is interested in the details of our lives today, so much so that He does not miss even one small point.

If you are feeling like God has forgotten about you, I want to encourage you in the truth that He has not forgotten you. He sees you. He sees you and He knows all about your circumstances and your situations. Not only that but He can be fully trusted with your hopes, your dreams, your fears and your failures. He is bigger than any pain you may be experiencing and He is bigger than your disappointments. He is bigger than your fears for today and your worries about tomorrow. He is bigger than our failures, mistakes and bad decisions and He is bigger than our sin. God’s grace has no limits not with time or distance. Let’s be people that are determined to trust Him!


Today’s picture was taken by…
Cara, Jenna and Leah of a great road name they found. Thanks Girls!

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